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The "Woz Plan" was an alternative stock distribution plan organized by Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak in which he offered up to US$10 million worth of his personal shares of AAPL to early "garage" employees who otherwise did not receive any stock in the company.[1][2]


Apple Computer stock certificate

An early Apple Computer stock certificate, privately issued in 1977 before going public.

After Steve Jobs and the Apple Board of Directors decided not to grant stock or stock options to staff who did not meet certain criteria, Wozniak offered 40 to 80 of these early employees up to 2,000 shares each at $5 per share shortly after the company went public on December 12, 1980.[2][3][4] By December 2021, each share of AAPL had split 224-fold and would have been worth over $40,000.[5][6]


Some non-employees who had also purchased stock from Wozniak included investors Richard Kramlich and Fayez Sarofim.[7]


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